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Foster Parents Needed...

There are  thousand of children in need of families that are willing to provide the deepest need in a human being... LOVE!

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Mendacity:Lies Left Unspoken

The inspirational stage production of Mendacity: Lies Left Unspoken, by Tabia Mawusi, is coming to a Seattle-Tacoma Metro area theater.  This production's purpose is to entertain and bring awareness to the need of people to become foster parents through out the country.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Lorene's Place II as a child placing agency.


Don't Have the Time... Give Money ... it answers all things...

Lorene's Place II is a non-profit charitable organization in the State of Washington. Your donations are needed and greatly appreciated.  Thanks for Helping. Come  Mend A City with LPII... One Child At A Time.  

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Retention Specialists

 If you are a patient and caring individual, who loves the idea of helping bring families together, this opportunity is for you.

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Becoming A Foster Parent

The licensing process begins when a prospective Foster Parent contacts LPII. A mutual decision is made after a brief consultation with LPII and the potential foster parents as a family completes an application form, criminal history form for all persons in the household 16 years of age and older as well as other required forms.  The licensing process includes the LPII Licenser coming to your home to complete the orientation, along with safety checks, criminal and reference clearances, initial trainings and any other evaluations deemed necessary.

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Lorene’s Place IIa non-profit organization founded in 2011, branched out of TUFS, a child placing agency established 2002. Over time, we have built up a reputation with the State of Washington for high quality care, good value and an exceptionally low displacement rate. This is why many youth have been placed with us repeatedly over the last 10 years.


LPII provides a child focused service and is committed to excellence in childcare provision. Although we provide services to all children our foster program specializes in providing safe and clean housing to minority children/adolescents. Our case management team provides a wide range of services designed to remove cultural barriers and to promote personal growth. Services focus on helping children maintain their behavior while attempts are made to try and reunify them with their bio-family or relatives. All services are based on the child/adolescent needs.


Many of our services are provided in the community and in the home of the children. Our goal is to increase the involvement of schools, churches, friends, and family members, and work towards building strong support systems that will assist our children and families in becoming independent and self sufficient.




While children are in out-of-home care placements, it is important to maintain connections with their birth families. Parent-child visits are a key strategy to accomplish this and to work toward reunification of the family. 

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